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Oct 18, 2019 at 05:00 AM

BPC 10 SSO from VBA



We have implemented a model that uses Master-Data on the fly extensively. Unfortunately we have hit a bug where refresh metadata results in an error. The workaround is to either log back off or to upgrade to EPM SP34 Patch 2+. The upgrade is a complex task and i am trying to find alternatives:

I have got the following working well in a non-Single Sign On development environment:

Sub RefreshMD() Dim oEPM As New FPMXLClient.EPMAddInAutomation

Dim oSheet As Worksheet
Dim strCon As String

On Error GoTo NoConnection
Set oSheet = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Input")
strCon = oEPM.GetActiveConnection(oSheet)

On Error GoTo Oops
oEPM.RefreshConnectionMasterData strCon
Exit Sub

MsgBox "You are not connected to BPC. Please login and try again"
Exit Sub


oEPM.CloseConnection strCon
oEPM.Connect strCon "<<< how to use this without getting prompted for uname/password?

End Sub

Broadly if the .RefreshConnectionMasterData errors we branch to the Oops label, then we close and try to reconnect the connection. My question is in a SSO session, how can we connect or logon without being asked for a user name and password. Is this possible???

Thanks and best regards