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Oct 18, 2019 at 07:09 AM

How to create a batch with zero stock?


Hi all,

In our company we produce (liquid, with our product dissolved in it) stock in bottles. This stock is entered as grams through transaction MB31 (IM, but able to switch to WM). Different from most companies, we don't know how much grams we actually have in each bottle when we first store it. (Short explanation: we need to measure the concentration of our product before we can calculate the grams in each bottle.) Each bottle has it's own batchnumber, but the order number can be the same. So we start with an order number(123456), and when grams are known we create stock as batchnumbers (123456X001 etc)

Currently we note the physical location of our product in Excel, and when we have to take out bottles, we check that Excel file. We have to switch over to SAP now, and that is where the problem mentioned above of zero stock comes into play. I need a way to let SAP know that bottles with batchnumbers xxxxxx exist physically and at which physical location, but I can not enter stock.

Do you have any solution or work-around in mind? I have heard it is quite the unique challenge.