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Oct 17, 2019 at 02:09 PM

Updating PA0000 via SQL


Hi -

New to SAP (1709 S4/HANA), green field implementation, migrated from Oracle-based legacy system. We have changed the configuration of the employee status fields in PA0000 (MASSN+STAT2). Previously, when MASSN='Z5', STAT2='1'. This is now setup so that 'Z5' maps STAT2 to '3'. For new entries, all is good. For existing entries, we need to update STAT2 to '3'. The functional team wants to create an LSMW object to, essentially, recreate all of the existing Z5 records so that STAT2 gets set correctly during normal processing. Coming from an Oracle background, couldn't we simply create an ABAP program that does this:

update pa0000

set stat2 = '3'

where massn = 'Z5'.

I find it hard to believe that a simple update like this needs to be made so complicated.


Mark C.