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Oct 17, 2019 at 08:28 AM

Recall Unactioned Workitem Triggered + Reverting Back The Actions Taken


Hi Experts,

We have below business requirement from our public sector customer to which I look forward to the valuable inputs from anyone of you from your past experience. I came across, below post which proves that this a decade old requirement.

Delete Workitem from INBOX

And I believe someone must have find a solution for it.

Business Requirement:

  1. Users should be able to recall a workitem that was triggered by mistake if the workitem is not yet actioned by the assigned agent (user) – similar to email functionality where a user can recall a message if it was send by mistake.
  2. At the same time, the action executed should also be reverted back once workitem is recalled.

TRM Workitem Concept Used:

  1. We use workitem inbox available in NWBC (Business Client App/ FLP) using business role "SAP_FMCA_CA_ALL_EHP5_TRM_NWBC" to trigger & access work items assigned to agents defined in PPOM in organization structure.
  2. This workflow is built & tracked for the progress via standard T-Code "SWIA"

Business Case:

  1. A two level workflow has Level 1 & Level 2
  2. Whenever taxpayer submits the application it comes to the Level 1 for an action.
  3. Say Level 1 took the action "Approve" & realised in few minutes that he should have rejected this application.
  4. But the application is send to the next level of workflow that is to the Level 2 assigned in the PPOM org. structure.
  5. Requirement is if that Level 1 wants to recall his action of Approve & want to re-review the application & reject it. (Same like in M.S. Outlook, we can recall the mail unless the receipient has read it)

Now, along with the recall of workitem triggered to next level, we need to revert the status management of form bundle no. (i.e. actions taken during workflow).

Kindly share your valuable inputs.

Thanks in Advance