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Oct 17, 2019 at 07:49 AM

how to link planned services with services actuals item wise for Maintenance Order

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Hello all,

our requirement is to generate a report containing PM order(Maintenance Order) with Plan qty, plan cost and actual qty , actual cost as shown below,

for a given PM Order i could get the plan qty , plan cost (material components) from RESB table ,

service components from AFVC , ESLH and ESLL table..

for getting actual s i am using table AUFM,

if i pass Order number to AUFNR field iam able to get corresponding actuals of that particular PM Order.

In order to show plan and actual's side by side i need to link by some reference,

for material components i used RSNUM , RSPOS fields to link plan and actual's(i.e qty and cost),

where as for linking services i.e for linking services in Plan with services in actual's i could not find a unique matching field

like RSNUM field for material components..

Now my question is how do i link planned services which are obtained from (AFVC, ESLH and ESLL) with actual

services which are obtained from (AUFM, passed ebeln field of AUFM to ESLH and got services from ESLL)...

how do i link services item wise..

please can any one suggest a solution for this..

thanks in advance...


zpm138-report.png (11.4 kB)
aufm.png (33.6 kB)