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Oct 16, 2019 at 02:11 PM

Concurrent JMS connection from Sender JMS channel to JMS Topic



We have the Production PO Single stack(PO 7.5 SP09) where we have 3 Application Server with 2 Server Node on each App Server. So it is 6 App Server Node in total. Now as per the Global Queue Configuration we have 5 JMS 'Send' queue configured for each App Server Node. That means we can have 5X6=30 Threads active for ASYNC JMS messages starting on JMS Queue(means Sender Channel is JMS and receiver is SOAP/Proxy). We have few ICO which are supposed to be used for high volume message transfer and is ASYNC JMS to Proxy scenario. We are supposed to subscribe the messages using JMS Sender channel from a JMS Topic. Now as per SAP's documentation ( ) " Channels connecting to JMS topics are active on only one node irrespective of the QoS configuration".

Now my questions are that-

1) We have 6 Application Server Node. Does this means that one sender channel will use only one node at a time and rest of the available 5 nodes will be idle for that channel?

2)Since at global level we have 5 queue configured with 'Send' Queue for JMS, does that mean that even through single app server node is active but there can be 5 parrallel connection/thread be made at the same time from that active node?

3) If we set the Maximum Concurrency to 4 for this sender channel (which is used for ASYN JMS to proxy ICO), then does that mean that Sender Channel can have maximum 4 threads running from one app server node at same time although the global setting for 'Send' queue is set to be Maximum 5?

Appreciate your help and advise.

Thanks, Arijit