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Oct 15, 2019 at 06:33 PM

Wrong pick WT in case Negative Available Qty is allowed

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Dear EWM community,

We have set up an outbound picking flow for which our source Storage Type customizing allows Negative Available Quantities.

Several EWM books as online information state that there will be a WT creation in case the total stock (available + incoming stock on the source bin) > requested quantity from that source bin.

However, when testing we noticed that even in the case where the total stock (available + incoming stock) was less than the requested quantity, the pick WT is created for the full quantity, where we would expect a split of the WTs created so that the source bin wouldn’t go negative. Please see underneath example for further clarification.

1. An ODO requests a quantity of 40pc.

2. Current stock situation: 30pc on st. bin 1, 50 pieces on st. bin 2. St. bin 1 needs to be picked first (FIFO).

3. Pick WT creation: full quantity is taken from source bin 1 where only 30pc are available. There is no incoming replenishment. Therefore, requested quantity > total available quantity so we wouldn’t expect the creation of a pick WT for 40pc as this causes the available quantity to go negative. We would expect the creation of two pick WT’s:

  • 1 WT for 30pc for st. bin 1 so available qty doesn’t go negative
  • 1 WT for 10pc for st. bin 2

I've seen other implementations where the option of 'negative available qty' was allowed, and where the system nicely cut off the WT so the source bins wouldn't go negative. Any idea what might be the issue here?

Looking forward to your suggestions!

Kind regards,



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