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Oct 15, 2019 at 03:57 PM

How to pass parameters from UI5 app to ECC FM?


CASE: My case is to create an app that generates a list of items from an OData service. when the user selects the desired objects then the user will click a button. When the button is clicked I want to send the desired items selected to a FM in ECC.

More info on the case: I'm using a smart table to display the items. I display different fields(12 fields displaying) than the ones I want to send(5 fields I want to send) to the FM. I'm having trouble getting these fields from the model as it seems that I can only retrieve the fields that I display and not the ones that exist on the OData(17 fields in total).

I've been trying to do the CRUD path but I'm not able to pass the information from the controller to my create entity in ECC and I can't find much information about it online.