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Apr 03, 2006 at 05:14 PM

Infotype Upload Probelm



I don’t know why I always got nasty infotype to upload 😔 My problem is that I’m writing a conversion program for Infotype 739 ( Stock option ) . As far as Create is concern its working file , it put number of stock , and in exercise tab I create say two line for employee# 123 and save it . This is daily upload because the exercise for that stock for employee # 123 new every day . Again I get the new record for exercise tab . On same basis I have decided the next time I need to enter data on the 3rd line on tabular but In my excel file the don’t know the position . My question is that how I’ll upload the data in 739 when record is always there .

- Using field symbol and reading the existing employee record I came to know the next available record is 3 ? but record in my file has the different position .

- In 739 I have`nt found the ‘ROW_create” option , as it has ‘ROW_change” and ‘ROW_DELTE’ for tab strip . So I can’t create/insert a new row.

- In 739 if I do page + and insert the value in tab creates the blank lines between the records and did not shrink them .

I’ll request please tried out before giving me suggestion . I already use the functions HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA and HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION . Let me tell you I’m able to upload the data there’s no problem in uploading . But as far when I change the data for existing employee to input its exercise for new date . Its not working with tab strip .

Any body out there has suggestion/input What to do?


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