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Oct 22, 2019 at 10:07 AM

QM scenario mapping in Steel.


Dear Team,

I have some following sets of queries, need your guidance on the same.

1. Chemical properties of Finished goods(Structure- Angles, Beam) changes grade-wise. Let say if Grade is IS, Chemical properties such as carbon value are 0.2% and if grade is BSEN carbon value is 0.3%. How to map such things. The selection of the grade of finished goods is done at the sales order level using variant.

2. The user has the following steps in Inspection such as first Internal inspection after production, then customer inspection and then the government party will cme to inspection. Now the first two inspections are common for all the material, but the last Government inspection is based on the sales order. If finished goods order has characteristics PG(Power Grid) captured in sales order then only last inspection will take place, else not. And without government inspection material will not get dispatch.

3. The third is the weight of per meter of goods manufactured gets inspected which gets vary thickness wise. We have a material say Angle 40X40 whose thickness maybe 6,8,10,4 and section weight gets measured after production and it's a deviation from the standard value gets calculated and gets stores in MIC. Now, in this case, I am not able to assign any target value in MIC because the thickness is varying.

4. At the time of Goods receipt of finished goods, Fast-entry option is used, because lets say I have produced 10 MT of Angle 40x40 and in that 10MT, I have made 20 Pieces, so I split the batches into 20 batches and I want one Inspection lot og same GR document posted.

Please suggest to me how to map the above scenarios.


Tejas Khanna