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Oct 22, 2019 at 01:32 PM

Relation between User Equipment OINS and Goods Receipt OIGN


When you use the SAP GUI (in my case SAP B1 9.2) you can browse the user equipment, go for the "Transactions" tab and you see Goods Receipt and Goods Issue entrys. I want that information for a given equipment id.

According to "System Informations", this is the table "RITL", but that one does not exist. It is a virtual table, which another question stated out (

I'm not able to find the relation between User Equipment OINS and Goods Receipt OIGN. There is no insID (PK of OINS) in OIGN and neither is a reference to OIGN in OINS. Do you know if there is a matching table in between and which one it is/which column?

I searched the whole database for occurences of the used OIGN.DocNum (which I see in the GUI). I found entries in the OITL/ITL1, OILM, OIVL and OJDT tables (several logs/journals) but could'nt create a relation to the equipment.

Thanks in advance!