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Oct 19, 2019 at 08:11 AM

Value field not updated after Valuation in CO-PA planning (S/4 HANA 1809)

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Dear Experts,

I am facing a strange problem in CO-PA planning valuation which is based on condition records & material cost estimates.

The scenario is as below:

1. Create a standard cost estimate for a material. (using the costing variant which is set in Costing Key configuration)

2. Plan the sales quantity in KEPM for this material.

3. Enter freight cost price in condition records.

4. Execute Valuation Method in KEPM.

In ECC, after the valuation method is executed, the value field containing Freight costs is updated successfully.

But in S/4 HANA, the same value field is not updated after valuation.

Strangely, when I do a simulation run using KE21S in S/4, Freight costs are calculated, but the same value field isn't updated after valuation method execution.

All the required configuration is exactly the same as in ECC system, and it works perfectly fine in ECC system.

Master and transaction data used are also the same as in ECC.

So, now I am completely clueless about the root cause behind this issue. Am I missing some other prerequisite from data preparation point of view? Could you please provide me some idea to resolve this issue?

Besides, only costing based CO-PA is active in the system.

One more thing which I am struggling to understand is the meaning of "posting date" in the period indicator of Costing key configuration. Currently, the period is indicator is set as:

3 - the standard cost estimate valid on the posting date

But in case of planning valuation, since there is no goods issue, which date is considered as "posting date" ?

Ajay Maheshwari Sir, could you please spare some time and provide your valuable suggestions on this issue?

Best Regards,