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Oct 18, 2019 at 06:55 PM

assign custom function module to F4_MATCHCODE_USER_EXIT possible?


Recently we upgraded from Ehp6 to Ehp8. During Ehp8 testing some of the search helps are not working properly compared to Ehp6.

Col.Srch.hlp KRED has custom append srch. hlp ZZKRED - KRED2 is elementary search help assigned to ZZKREDkred2.jpg

which has search help exit F4_MATCHCODE_USER_EXIT

When called this fm calls custom function module assigned in the table DD23L.dd23l.jpg

Now in Ehp8 this entry is missing in the DD23L table even though it is current production system copy. Because of this when user tries to open this search help all it shows is the blank gui screen with only one field "number of hits". This z fm is a popup screen with fields for vendor search.

How to assign or add entry in DD23L with this Z function module? or what exactly might be the error?


kred2.jpg (31.3 kB)
dd23l.jpg (21.1 kB)