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Oct 17, 2019 at 05:57 PM

Batch determination based on FIFO where batch management active at material level


Hello Experts,

I have requirement where the batch determination(picking) should happen based on the first in first out(FIFO) strategy with warehouse management

Setup in the system

Batch management active at material level

stock removal strtagey defined as F for storgage type

new characteristics last GR date(LOBM_LWEDT) defined for batch classification

condition record defined in LS51 for material for condition type(xxx) in which sorting rule defined based on last gr date

Scenario as below

1. Material M1 ,Batch B1 received in plant P1 on 2016

2. Material M1, Batch B2 is received in plant P1 on 2017

3. STO for batch B1 and batch B2 from plant P1 to plant P2 in 2018,

4. Batch B2 received in Plant P2 in 2018,

5. Batch B1 received in Plant P2 is 2019

when i am creating a TO against a TR from plant P2 batch determination should happen based on FIFO which means system should pick the batch B2.(based on last GR date and in plant P2 last received batch is B2 on 2018)

and the second issue is characteristics value LOBM_LWEDT defined in batch characteristics doesn't get updated for every plant to plant movement