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Oct 16, 2019 at 10:21 AM

Rounded quantities and over-consumption on production order confirmation


Hello community!

I have an issue for which I cannot find any solution.

Here it is: when confirming a production order some material are over-consumed. Indeed, in production order ABC for example, the total quantity for the material A is 102, and the quantity asked for component AB - box is 10.25. The quantity for the component AB - Box is rounded up to 11, which is normal SAP behavior if I'm correct. So far, there's no issue.

The issue comes when confirming the production order: if the delivered quantity is superior to the total quantity of the production order, the rounding up remains. Therefore, in the same example if the final production for material A is 110 and the normal consumption for component AB is 11, SAP will keep the rounding up and consume 12 pieces of component AB instead of 11. If the production is lower than the expected quantity from the production order, we don't have this issue.

This means that we have to check all of our confirmations and manually correct them when everything is now automatized.

Anyone has any clue on why this rounding up remains in the confirmation ?

Thank you for your help.