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Oct 15, 2019 at 11:04 AM

RFC Connection Error Between BW4HANA and Data Services

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Hi Community

I'm working with BW4HANA 2.0 and Data Services 4.2 Support Pack 6 Patch 5 to extract data from several Source Systems with Data Services and push data into BW4HANA as target, and it works fine!!.

But on the other hand, now I want to exftract data from BW4HANA (as Source) via Data Services and create a File and transfer it into an aother server via FTP, but i can´t doit.

The problem is... when i create a new BW Data Store as a Source it send me the following error:

"Error: RFC CallReceiver error <Function RFC_ABAP_INSTALL_AND_RUN: RFC_ABAP_MESSAGE, Function disable. See Note 2578542)..."

Then as a workaround, I've created a RFC connection (TCP/IP) within BW4HANA in SM59 Tcode, and after that i've created a RFC Connection in the Data Services Management Console which it seems it's OK, but

After create RFC Connection in BW4HANA and test connection, it throws an error:

So, the question is... It is possible to create this connection between BW4HANA 2.0 and Data Services in order to create a BW4HANA Data Store as a Source to extract data from AODS or InfoObjects?

If the answer is yes, this connection also will works for me to execute Data Services Jobs via Process Chains ?

Which could be the better way to do this?

Best Regars



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