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Oct 17, 2019 at 03:48 AM

Have problem with Installation Server for SAP GUI 7.60


Hi expert,

I'm have problem with Local Security Handling with installation Server for SAP GUI 7.60. After configuring LSH, it announced that configure successfully. But i try to use another user without administrator right to open NwSapSetup to test, unluckily that user can not open the application. it announced that:

"NwSapSetup was not able to grant you administrator rights, either because:

- The distribution service didn't respond,

- The installation service couldn't be started or the logon credentials for the installation service are incorrect.

please contact your system administrator."

But another things when i try to do with installation Server for SAP Gui 7.50. Everything is ok, and working smoothly. i don't know why.

please help, because i need to deploy with the SAP GUI 7.60.

Have a nice day!

thanks and best regards