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Former Member
Apr 03, 2006 at 03:15 PM

SBO Mailer Error Log


Hi All,

I have a client that I've written some bulk e-mailing of invoices for. The last bulk invoice run (with attached PDFs) sent half of the mails and the other half not. If I look at the ALR1 file, the status field says "E" (I presume error) and the rest of them says "S" (I presume sent).

My question is, is there any way that I can know why those did not send? Does the Mailer keep any record of activity and attempts to send? There is absolutely no difference in the lines that were added and the e-mail addresses are correct. Each e-mail that gets sent out gets sent to their accounts department as well (, but some of these message went through and some of them failed. This tells me that it's got nothing to do with the address.

Anyone know where I can check a possible log or any other way I can try to get those sent? I have restarted the SBO mailer and checked all the settings. Funny thing is that all mails were lying in the queue within 2 minutes and all of a sudden the mailer just stopped sending.

Any help appreciated!

Thanks in advance,