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Oct 17, 2019 at 06:54 AM

MTO Planned Order requirement date based on First Date on the Sales Order



We are on S4HANA 1709 and are using embedded PPDS to execute MRP and Optimizer for sequencing of planned orders.

As we are using MTO scenario, the requirement date for Planned Order is based on the confirmed date on the Sales Order Schedule line (after ATP check). Is it possible to influence the consideration of planned order requirement date = First Date instead of confirmed date?

For e.g.

Product A, Location X has a TRLT = 21 days.

Today is 10/1.

Sales Order 1001 created with Requested Delivery Date = First Date = 10/15

Now with ATP, confirmed date = 10/22

Planned Order Requirement Date = 10/22, but the Sales Order is already delayed by 7 days as far as First Date is considered. The PPDS Alerts do not display this delay and also Optimizer will not do anything based on Delay Weight in the Optimizer Profile..

We need to influence the requirement date for planned order to consider First Date instead of confirmed date.

Pl provide any insights, as I'm sure some one would have already encountered this issue.