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Oct 16, 2019 at 07:42 AM

Query about distribution monitor


Dear Experts,

I have to migrate a customer production system of 3 TB size from on-premise (AIX,DB2) to AWS cloud (SLES,DB2). The link between the customer network and the AWS datacenter does not offer more than 50 Mbps bandwidth. I have atleast 2 servers on-premise on top of the database server that I can use for distribution monitor. On Cloud, I can spin up as many servers as required (No limit). The communication directory would be on-premise and shared via NFS. My question is would I really reap the benefits of distribution monitor given the limited bandwidth between source and target? Please advise. I have estimated that with a single server and parallel export and import, we should be able to complete the process in about 18-20 hours. We want to bring this down to 10 hours but Iam not sure if distribution monitor will be useful given that network could be a bottleneck.