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Oct 21, 2019 at 10:19 AM

SAC import data from HANA system



In our company they are doing some tests regarding SAC and the different ways we can get information from other SAP Systems. One of the tests we are trying to do is to get import data from our HANA system.

We already did the Live connection and it is working fine but the import connection is always unable to find the system.

In the SAP cloud connector I created the mapping for HTTPS to our HANA system and it is reachable here (I also tried HTTP and TCP in the meantime, which were also all reachable from the cloud connector). But once I got to SAC connections and try to add the import from HANA connection it always gives the error that it can't find the system. I'm sure all my system variables are correct for the connection.

The import data from HANA I'm trying to do is multiple with tenant (not sure if it makes a different).

Any ideas on what I'm missing?
Also is this even possible, because it's very weird that on some sites there are guides that say how to do the import data from HANA while other don't mention the import from HANA option in SAC and even notes saying that it is not possible.

Kind regards