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Oct 19, 2019 at 06:38 PM

Serial number already being used in another item


User had processed (Inbound delivery) for three line items in which one line item is serial maintained. And delivery is partially completed in EWM. Now there is a stock discrepancy between ewm and ecc for a product which is serial maintained. For other two products there is no stock discrepancy between ewm and ecc. Inbound delivery got stuck in the queue in ECC with error message "** serial number already being used in another item". I found same serial number has been used in the delivery in PRDO screen under "Serial number" tab in EWM. I know that user need to provide new serial number which is not yet assigned to any other item. But I want to know, whether user need to reverse GR and process delivery again with the copied serial numbers from the ecc or by editing serial number in the PRDO screen itself is enough to process queue? Which would be the right way to suggest?

Thanks in advance!!