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Oct 18, 2019 at 12:10 PM

Ambiguous Memberid, epm member property


ss1.pngss2.pngss3.png@vadim k

i got an issue, related the same above of using epmmember property. i have added some employees in employee dimension master data. when i checked in IP, for few employees it is showing ambiguous member id. so what i did was, i added "Epmmemberid()" around all the memeber, then i issue was gone.actually this is for one profit center selectionss1.pngss2.png.

when i changed it to another profit center selection, the lines which has on employees shows correct in excel, the remaining lines where showing: Error: invalid memeberid. screenshotd attached. kindly may i know how i need to resolve this: Ambiguous memberid issue.

One employee detail in screenshot.ss3.png


ss1.png (50.2 kB)
ss2.png (74.8 kB)
ss3.png (47.7 kB)