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Oct 18, 2019 at 09:26 AM

EWM : How the failed queues are generally processed by standard SAP


Hello Experts,

I have a question , how the failed EWM queues are processed by standard SAP ?

we are currently using the program RSQIWKEX and running this every 10 min to processed the failed queues.

The reason why i am asking this question is , we have a quite a lot of queues ending with locking issues by some users. and when we check the documents the user has unlocked it quite a long ago and the job has run many times after that , but the end result is still the queue ends with same error message, when i try to process it manually through SMQ2 it goes through. we are on 1709 platform,

I am bit worried if there is something wrong with the approach that we are taking while processing failed queues.

Any suggestion from your past experience are most welcome.