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Oct 17, 2019 at 01:25 PM

Lumira designer: Apply a filter on many datasets comming from various datasources


Hello everyone

I created a report in lumira discovery, in this report I built my datasets with the calculated values, and linked my various datasets

Once it's done, I started to develop my report, but now I'm struggling with an issue about the filters

I have 2 datasets, Ds_1 and DS_2, Ds_2 is comming from my datasource Cost and Ds_1 is comming from my datasource risk (A link has been created with linked datasets in designer with my key customerID)

In my designer report, I add a filter with DS_1 as Data Source, DS_2 as target datasource and my dimension is CustomerID

but when I applied the filter, the only charts which are filtered are the one using DS_1,

is there a way to solve this trouble?

Thank you for your help