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Oct 17, 2019 at 10:55 AM

Error Status issue in custom column of a smart table in SAPUI5



I am new to the community.

I have a responsive smart table, where i have added 2 custom columns which contains input as fields. In one of the column, i had value suggestion. So, if the entered value is not in the suggested values which are coming from back end, we get an error status and a message, as a response.

But the problem is whenever the user enters the wrong value, the entire column editable fields are getting error status, like that in the image that i have attached. Requirement is to set the status to only one input field where user entered wrong value.


<Input value="{Receiver}" showValueHelp="true" change="onCustomInputChange" liveChange="onCustomInputChange" valueHelpRequest="handleReceiver" maxSuggestionWidth="30%" enableSuggestionsHighlighting="true" filterSuggests="true" showSuggestion="true" valueLiveUpdate="true" suggest="handleSuggest" suggestionItems="{path:'/NewReceiverF4Set', templateShareable:false}" editable="{Editable}">


<core:ListItem text="{Newreceiver}" additionalText="{Name}"/>





errorall.png (7.0 kB)