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Oct 16, 2019 at 03:54 AM

Can synchronous update be restarted in SM13


Hello everyone,

I have a FM ZABC that updates a database tables. I call function ZABC in update task. After that, I use the statement "commit work and wait" to trigger the FM. But if there is an error, I cannot restart the records in SM13. That record has the status "synchronous update" and "restart not possible", "error (no retry)". I don't use batch input in this scenary.

If I use the statement "commit work" (asynchronous update), the restart can be possible.

While I have a further processing after commit work so I have to use "commit work and wait" to wait the process had finished.

My question is: Can synchronous update be restarted? I don't find any SAP documentation about this.

Thank you so much for reading.