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Oct 15, 2019 at 11:29 AM

Asset acquisition post also cumulated depreciation


Dear Guru's,

I want to post an acquistion: where I want to post an acquisiton where I combine the Original acquisition (balance sheet) the cumulated depreciation (cumulated balance sheet) against the offsetting clearing account:

So accounting wise:

Debit : Acquisition Account (Asset Reconciliation account) 1000

Credit Cumulated depreciation Account (Asset reconciliation account) 300

Credit balance clearing clearing account 700

In SAP ECC it was possible to enter the cumulated depreciation via ABZO (a pop-up screen appeared).

In S4 as far as I see this is not possible anymore since ABZO is not supported anymore and the transaction is replaced by ABZOL or ABZON) :

Anybody a suggestion?

The only solution I see is via a journal entry or via ABLDT, but this not workable, since this kind of posting happens during the year on a regular basis.

Best regards,

Wouter Vanhoutte