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Oct 15, 2019 at 09:59 AM

Difference in Exchange rate at PO header level and in KONV-KKURS table.


Query :

Difference in values of Exchange rate at PO header level and in KONV-KKURS table item level.

Detailed Explanation :

While creating a standard PO for company code / purchasing org based in Dubai, we have ordered materials with UoM for USA as USD and converting it to AED, with exchange rate maintained as 1 USD = 3.673.

There are 2 line items in the above PO, but the exchange rate maintained in KONV-KKURS table is :

Required Resolution :

The exchange rate seems to change in KONV-KKURS table for selected line items (as highlighted in yellow above), and this happens for certain number of PO's and not in all PO's (ratio of 90:10). I have checked the config in OB08 and the rates are maintained perfectly and also in OBBS the alternative exchange rate is not maintained. And also the company code currency and vendor currency is also same. Can any body help find a resolution for the same, as to why the exchange rate in table KONV-KKURS seems to change for certain line items?


Vignesh Bhatt


po-header.png (37.3 kB)
konv-table.png (23.5 kB)