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Oct 15, 2019 at 04:46 AM

Embedded Consolidation BPC 11.0 on BW/4HANA execute successfully but 0 records generated


Dear Experts,

We are now implementing the SAP BPC Embedded Consolidation for BW/4HANA. We have configured all prerequisite data to execute the Consolidation step and added the Business Rule in Task Sequence.

When we execute this task in Consolidation Monitor, we found no errors, but 0 records generated. We already maintain Global Parameter as mentioned in the SAP Note:

But we found no luck.

Also, I have debugged the Consolidation via the program BPC_TASK_SEQ_TEST and found that its method LINK_RULE_WITH_DATA has not got the value parameter i_own_timeid

and field direct_group_id is empty in the internal table DT_CURR_OWN_W_METH as a piece of code below.

LOOP AT DT_CURR_OWN_W_METH into ls_ownership

" <l_timeid> " or <l_timeid> is INITIAL )

" xief 20100506 --- note 1445066

where timeid = i_own_timeid "and entity = <l_entity>

and direct_group_id = <l_group>.

I tried to fix the value while debugging then the record can be written back. And I also found that the parallel execution is not working even I put the parameter in SPRO.

Please help suggest any step I may miss.

Best Regards,

Sukanya N.

BPC Consultant