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Oct 15, 2019 at 09:25 AM

@IBOutlet property cannot have non-'@objc' class type 'FUITextFieldFormCell'

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Hi everyone,

while trying to upgrade to SCP SDK for iOS v 4.0 I've encountered the following problem: components that I've used directly with interface builder are now throwing an error, saying that they are not '@objc' compliant anymore. This is the case of FUITextFieldFormCell and FUISwitchFormCell. Other components like FUIValuePickerFormCell are still working as expected.

I believe it's a bug on the build. Has anyone come across something similar? Here are some pictures:

FUITextFieldFormCell and FUISwitchFormCell are generating errors

Using a custom class from Interface Builder on my text field

FUITextFieldFormCell generating error, while FUIValuePickerFormCell working as expected.