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Oct 14, 2019 at 04:50 PM

GTS - Permanent Imports Batch Split



We are seeing inconsistent system behavior in GTS for batch splits.

When processing re-exports from the proforma invoices, we see the batch split delivery with each batch represented per delivery line item. We also see this for our bonded warehouse declarations (prior to GR).

However, when we process domestic goods issues into free circulation from the bonded warehouse, I am selecting multiple schedule lines in the worklist. If the items share the same stock number, but a different batch, it still only creates 1 line in the free circulation declaration.

Please note, I have found multiple threads on the batch split for re-export, but this system behavior only seems to impact Domestic Goods issues, AKA permanent imports for free circulation declarations.

How does the system distinguish these within the material documents? Is there a configuration in R3 or GTS which would impact this behavior?

Please advise. I'm happy to share some of the screenshots if needed to provide more context but as of now just looking for feedback from anyone who has had this same issue.