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Oct 14, 2019 at 10:39 AM

Problem when cancel an invoice in vf11 error VF039


hello ,

I´m trying to cancel an invoice created through vf01 in vf02 and vf11. No problem when the financial docuemnt is NOT created, but with financial accounting documents created I receive the following error

the type of invoice is copy of F2 with an exclusiv range of number and can be cancelled with no accountng document with a S1 DOCUMENT

and S1

the problem is when the logistic invoice is released to financial accounting, then is not posible to cancel the document, and i receive the error above.

the type of financial accounting document created is rv

Can someone help me ?

Thank you in advance


vofa-zsf2.png (54.8 kB)
rv.png (55.3 kB)
s1.png (50.5 kB)