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Oct 11, 2019 at 03:02 PM

IDOC segment field with blank value


Hi Members,

I have gone through lots of threads but didn't have a solution OR solutions (answered) were not worked out.

Sorry if it is repetitive or this should not be posted.

My requirement is to display a ZZ custom field in the Invoice outbound IDOC segment <Z segment> field.

The ZZ custom field is a customer master->Billing Plan check box field.

If checked, it should display as "X" . This is flowing correctly. Ex in IDOC: Zsegment-ZZFIELD X

If not checked then it should display as Blank. But the IDOC segment the field itself (Zsegment-ZZFIELD) is not appearing.

The business requirement is to flow the segment field even if it is initial or blank value or not checked.

Note: I have heard that, if the field is a non-mandatory and not has F4 pre-defined values then the system will allow to display/flow the segment field with blank in IDOC.

Please help with your feasible solutions/answers.

Thanks in advance.