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Oct 11, 2019 at 07:06 AM

EWM: Outbound TU create as Inbound TU for Stock transport order


Hello Friends

in EWM We have activated transportation planning for Inbound document type INB.

For STO system should create inbound TU without shipment as the outbound TU will be created as Inbound TU with means of Transport information copied from outbound to inbound with SPED. whereas inbound TU was not created if transportation planning is active for Inbound document type INB and the same is working if we switch-off transportation planning as mentioned in below picture (working fine for No obligatory planning and not working if we have A-Obligatory external planning)

We can't swith-off planning type as the INB is common for Vendor inbound and STO inbound.

we are using S4-1709 with embedded EWM




tu.png (19.3 kB)