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Oct 14, 2019 at 04:18 PM

No receiver could be determined



I hope someone can help me understanding this issue:

We have set up a new PI system (dual stack 7.5) Now we are calling the new system by http and we can see the message request in the sxmb_moni. But we are getting the following error:

<SAP:Code area="RCVR_DETERMINATION">NO_RECEIVER_CASE_BE</SAP:Code><SAP:P1/><SAP:P2/><SAP:P3/><SAP:P4/><SAP:AdditionalText/><SAP:Stack>No receiver could be determined </SAP:Stack><SAP:Retry>M</SAP:Retry>

We have already checked the Receiver Determination and Receiver Agreement and it is assigned to the configuration but we are always getting error: Problem occurred in receiver agreement for sender