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Oct 11, 2019 at 04:44 AM

Unable to load the copy of standard view in SAP Markeitng Cloud


Hello Experts,

There is a strange behaviour in SMC. I have downloaded the custom view and rename the view with Y or Z and save activate. I tried to upload the view( without any modification). There was an error in uploading. We haven't made any changes in the view.

I have done these steps using Eclipse. All the views in the custom view was activated.

Error message was - Key field DB_KEY of CUAND_CE_IC_ROOT, INTERACTIONCONTACTUUID, PARENT_KEY of CUAND_CE_IC_FCET or CUAND_CE_IC_RE, CONTACT_KEY of CUAND_CE_IA_RT, ROOT_KEY of CUAND_CE_IC_FT_D is not part of the view;Import not possible,check logs

View which i have tried were - CA_C_IC_COMPANY_SALES_DATA


I have made a copy of the view and save/activate and tried to upload in SMC. It gave me an error.

Any suggestions?