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Oct 10, 2019 at 05:33 AM

counter measuring point order not generated after counter reached please advise on this matter ?


Hi Expert,

i have a one query i create a CT04-Characteristic with Running Hours and maintain measuring point for the equipment counterflow reading is 9999 and annual estimation is 8769 and create a measuring document also with counter reading 24 H. now created Plan with IP41 with cycle/unit is 500 H and assign equipment, task list and scheduling period is 365 days and also tick mark on completion requirement and save it with counter reading 24 hour that was maintained in IK11. I scheduled the plan by IP10 and start it with 24 hour and dates are mention for according to the running hours of the Equipment so while i maintain the Measuring doc with respect to the running hour counter reached 525 H because the counter plan was planned on 524 H but after reached 525 H order not generated.

and attached 2 screen shot

Regards, AS


ip10-2.png (19.6 kB)
ip10.png (13.9 kB)
report-1.png (20.5 kB)