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Oct 14, 2019 at 12:31 PM

IDM - AD integration ; manager for an user


Hi All,

I need a help.

In our IDM - AD integration - we want to read the user's manager information during the initial load.

For this I checked and found , in AD the manager attribute is stored as CN=Lname, FName, Ou=xx, OU=yy

I have created a small script to find the CN of the string, but this is not storing the value for MX_MANAGER and hence not not showing in the modify user form also.

function CN_DISPLAYNAME(Par) {

var firstsplit = Par.split("CN=");

var result = firstsplit[1].split(",OU");

return result[0];


When I run the initial load I cna see the manager name is MX_MANAGER= Lname, FName;

But how do I store this in manager attribute?