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Oct 14, 2019 at 07:31 AM

SAP Fiori Launchpad does not launch when accessing S4HANA Server from other systems SAP GUI


Hi Experts,

I have successfully activated SAP Fiori content activation in S4hana Server and also performed related SICF activation & SMICM http, https, SMTP activation etc.

In Favourites I have added the /UI2/FLP t.code and when executing this T.code in the Physical Server itself, Fiori Launchpad opens successfully.

But when accessing the S4hana Server via SAP GUI from other laptop, I was able to connect to S4hana server and was able to login as well BUT WHEN I executed the T.Code -- /UI2/FLP, Fiori Launchpad DOES NOT work, it simply says page cannot be displayed, not sure why ???

When it worked perfectly in the Physical Server (physical server means, the server where s4hana is installed) i have added the T.Code for Fiori launchpad and I was able to open Fiori and login screen of fiori appears.

When I access the same s4hana server via sap gui using other laptop, I was able to login and when i try to access same fiori launchpad, it does not work.

Also i noted that the fiori launchpad address in the browser is different than the s4hana server's fiori launchpad address.

Do i have to perform any activation step, please suggest ?