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Oct 11, 2019 at 01:30 PM

Issue with UOM in PKMC


material-master1.pngmaterial-master2.pngpkmc1.pngpop3.pngHi all,

Consider material 09.81006-0091the base UOM is PC. Order unit is ROL, Variable order unit is maintained as 1. Also I have maintained conversion factor as 1 ROL = 1 PC and 50 M = 1PC.

For this material I have created a packing instruction. In packing instruction I have put UOM of material 09.81006-0091 as M. With all this data I have created an event driven control cycle. In PKMC I can see that Base UOM is PC. I have couple of questions as below

1) To which storage location system gives first priority (UOM maintained in Material master or UOM maintained in Packing instruction) while showing in PKMC?

2) If UOM from Material master is given the first priority as per standard SAP can we change this priority?

3) What are necessary settings for changing the priority?

Pls refer attached document for more details.


pkmc1.png (140.8 kB)
pop3.png (38.6 kB)