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Oct 11, 2019 at 01:29 PM

Error in Assignment of FQDN after S4HANA Installation-Server Not Starting


Hello Experts,

I have installed S4HANA 1809 and during Installation I forgot to give FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) and installed S4HANA 1809 Successfully. Now for NWBC or for FIORI I need to assign FQDN, hence I maintained FQDN in parameter = SAPFQDN and also for SAPLOCALHOSTFULL, I maintained this value = $(SAPLOCALHOST).$(SAPFQDN) in RZ10 (Default.pfl).

When I stop s4hana instance and restart the server, Dispatcher is in YELLOW only and never turns green. When I go to Profile folder at OS level and in default.pfl, if i change value of parameter SAPLOCALHOSTFULL, back to normal hostname, which is = server1, and then i try to re-start server with commands, it changes to GREEN. and I was able to login.

Also when I tried to change value of Parameter SAPLOCALHOSTFULL via RZ10, even if I give new value $(SAPLOCALHOST).$(SAPFQDN) the unsubstituted value and substituted value does not change and it is still same as - server1

This is s4hana complete installation in OS - Red hat linux 7.6 only and no windows and my hostname at OS level is - server1

Without FQDN changes takes place in my system and my system should start normally after the system restart etc, I will not be able to configure for FIORI or NWBC.

Request experts to help in this regard.

Thanks in advance