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Oct 11, 2019 at 11:11 AM

sapimpeximportadapter in SAP Commerce Cloud v2


Hi everyone,

I am trying to implement the sapimpeximportadapter extension in a CCv2 environment. Locally I added the extension to my localextensions.xml, and it opened the following endpoint:


I then added the extension in the d1 tennant of our CCv2 environment, but after I obtain an oAuth token, and try to send an ImpEx payload to the same endpoint (https://api.<d1_host>/sapimpeximportadapter/import) I get a 403 forbidden response.

Does anyone know if there is additional setup needed? Do I need to change some properties in order to open up this endpoint? In the help pages, it says that the extension opens up this endpoint without any additional configuration, and since it worked fine locally, I am just wondering if there is anything extra needed to be done on the CCv2 side.

Appreciate any help,