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Oct 10, 2019 at 02:21 PM

Lot size determination for planned orders


Dear SAP community,

Hope you are doing great !

Please help me w

ith following:

According to the business scenario I have two production versions for one product with different material consumption in PDS (base quntity in Master recipe in ECC).

For example:

ProdVer1 - 75,626, min lot size 74,502, max lot size 78,026


ProdVer2 - 90,752, min lot size 89,410, max lot size 93,652


Lot size in material master: Lot for Lot, min lot size 0, max lot size 90,752



I would like to use quotas in /SAPAPO/SCE_QTA and split the planned orders between two production versions.

But during the planning run the system doesn't allow me to do it because it takes the lot size for planned orders from product master, compare it with min/max in PDS and if it OK (in the range) then creates planned order with lot size from product master. In my case the system will always create all planned orders for ProdVer2 and will never for ProdVer1. Because lot size in product master is not in the range of PDS min/max for ProdVer1.

Is there any way to setup or enhance the system behavior to take the Lot size not from Product master but from field "material consumption" in PDS (base quantity in Master recipe in ECC) during the planning? In other words for my case how to create planned orders for both Production versions according to the quotas arrangement?

Will appeiciate any help! Thanks in advance!

Material Consumption (Variable)


prodver1.png (68.2 kB)
prodver2.png (68.1 kB)