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Oct 10, 2019 at 12:54 PM

MultiInstance Layout-TabContainer issue with GridTable Selection?


Hi All,

I am working on SAPUI5 Application Development. In my application, i have to use MultiInstance Layout for the Selected table entries.

In my application, i am using Dynamic Side Content - Main Content and Side Content. In Main Content i have a GeoMap and Side Content i have a Table(Grid table - sap.ui.table).

By Selecting the table rows, i need to use the MultiInstance-TabContainer to list out the selected entries as a tab. In each tab item, i have another grid table to display the items.

So in my side content, i used the similar way of coding from SAPUI5 Explored to achieve the TabContainer. But When i set the items for tab container, it affects the selection feature of Grid Table(which is placed under each tab).

My Questions are:

1. Why the selection property is not working inside the tab container? is it because of having the controls inside the side content?

2. When i try it in a normal page, it works. i tested with both json data and OData Service. But In my application, inside the side Content it is not it because of DynamicSideContent?

3.when i refer the SAPUI5 Explored code, for the TabContainer example, they used different way of implementation for the Controller. the way for declaring and defining the controller and function is differed from the usual way. If anybody know why the way of coding is differed from the other implementation? like below screenshot.

they used "Prototype" and the function declaration also differ.

Please help me to solve this issues.