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Oct 09, 2019 at 08:17 PM

HANA DB Long term usage


Dear community,

if I understand the situation correctly, there is no HANA DB equivalent of the ABAP stack transaction ST03N. Right? In other words there is no standard mean to provide me with a list of what, when or how the users used the HANA DB resources. Right? I am supposed to use the trace/audit trail to collect such an information. Right?

Therefore I am looking for a performance-cheap trace/audit configuration that would provide me with such a comprehensive overview. I would like to figure out a configuration, that I can turn on and keep on for a long time for all the HANA users, to collect a comprehensive insight into the HANA resources (DB tables? DB procedures? Authority checks?) used by the users without ruining my system performance. As I said above ST03N type of information - for business analysis, for performance tuning, for process optimisation etc.

Is any such thing even possible? Has anyone tried this before? How did it go?

Thank you for any inputs and insights. Discussion is very welcome!

cheers Otto