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Oct 08, 2019 at 04:52 PM

SAP two phantom halb materials in halb problem of duplicated bom in work center bom



Im having problem with two phantom halb half materials. in transaction ck11n, cs15 and others everything is ok, but problem accours when bom of shadow material is created in the logistical center (preparation of materials). Quantity of shadow material 1 is 0,25kg, quantity of shadow material 2 is 0,75kg and the desired quantity of production order is 6kg. Production quantityis dividet by twelve times in production center, instead of six times (TL1 + TL2 = 0,25kg + 0,75kg = 1kg = 6*1kg).

In mrp 2 option special procurement is set to 50 in TL1 and TL2 material.