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Oct 14, 2019 at 07:02 AM

Error in SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD-Failed to Upsert Dimension Member in Dimension

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Hello Experts,

I am facing a random issue in SAC.

I have an oData connection in SAC to connect SAC to IOT AE to get the data.

I have scheduled the model based on above connection to refresh every 1 hour and get data from IOT AE.

Import Setting I am using is "reset data".

Now even if there is no change in data in back-end I get error in Model "Failed to Upsert Dimension Member in Dimension, contact Admin to check error code "MI_UDM"

I checked this error code and found this:

Resolution provided is:

Remove the duplicate member ID from the file.

But in my scenario when there is not change in data coming from IOT AE how can I get this issue?

The scheduling is working for the exact same data and getting error randomly for same data.

Can any one suggest something on it?


Sarthak Srivastava