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Oct 14, 2019 at 06:03 AM

To activate GR based IV after MIRO



This is a purchase scenario.

I've MM Scheduling Agreement (ME33L). In this Sch Agreement, the GR based IV is checked for all items but for one item it is not checked. In the Vendor master GR based IV is checked but while making Info-record for this item, the user removed it by mistake.

But now MIRO has been done for this item. Now I want to check the GR based IV in the Sch Agreement but it is grayed out. I've reduced the Target qty in the Sch Agree which is equal to MIGO qty and also equal to MIRO qty.:

like this Target qty in Sch Agree = 2,500; GR qty= 2,500; MIRO qty = 2,500

I've removed all future Schedule lines also. But still in the Scheduling Agreement the GR based IV check box is not coming in editable mode.

Is creating a new line item in the Scheduling Agreement the only option? Isn't there any way where I can activate GR based IV in the existing line item? I can not cancel the MIRO.

I've searched about this on Google and in SAP marketplace also. But could not find any solution. I know it is very elementary thing. I found similar issue here also: "". But did not find any solution other than creating new line item. Pl provide some help.

Thanks in advance!