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Oct 12, 2019 at 04:42 PM

Funds Management budget is blocking the GR entry due to Exchange rate difference


Hello All,

I have a requirement on Funds Management Budget related.Can you please suggest on this ( Especially Eli Klovski)

We got one requirement from the Business relating to the Budget is exceeding due to Exchange rate fluctuations.

Example Scenario :

Co.Code and FM currency is INR. PO raised in USD

On 01.09.2019 PO raised 100 USD Commitment created for 7000 INR (The FM currency and co.code currency is INR)

On 20.09.2019 GR done for 100 USD then the actual is 7200 INR (Due to Exchange rate the difference 200).

The Budget amount is 7000 INR.

Now the Budget is exceeding and it is blocking due to the exchange rate difference.

Business is asking the Budget should not block due to the exchange rate difference.

for that is there any possiblitiy creation of Tolerance profile and that Tolerance profile can assign any where in Derivation rules under Derivation strategy.

Is there any available solution in Standard SAP

or need to go for the Enhancement. If we go for enhancement what are the precautions need to take care.

Thanks in Advnce